Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common problem today, with more and more people experiencing symptoms due to various causes. Some common signs of sciatica include leg pain, hip pain, and back pain. Unfortunately, most people don't know what causes lower back pain. At Lancaster Chiropractic Life Center in Lancaster, we can help establish the cause of your lower back pain and help restore your quality of life.


Occupational Hazards

Generally, people working in occupations that require lifting heavy objects or using tools and machines are likely to experience lower back pain. This is due to the overstretching of spinal ligaments and muscles and the wearing down of cartilage in joints due to repetitive motion. Regular chiropractic care can help correct any misalignments in the spine, as well as reduce inflammation and tension in muscles.

Injury to Spinal Structures

Severe injury to the spinal structures may cause sciatica. This can be due to a motor vehicle accident or a sports-related injury. In such cases, it is crucial to seek medical help immediately, as there may be damage to the spinal cord, which requires urgent attention. When you experience constant hip pain and leg pain, it's essential to consider back pain treatment services before the condition worsens.

Degenerative Disc Disease

This is a condition in which the discs between vertebrae gradually wear away, leading to pain and stiffness in the lower back. This can occur due to age-related wear and tear or heavy lifting of objects. Usually, people with this condition benefit from regular chiropractic care, as treatment can help manage the pain and reduce inflammation. Additionally, regular exercises and lifestyle modifications can help reduce the symptoms of degenerative disc disease.

Piriformis Syndrome

Piriformis syndrome is when the piriformis muscle in the buttocks and hip region becomes inflamed or overworked due to sitting for an extended period. This can lead to sciatica-like symptoms such as lower back pain, leg pain, and hip pain. The treatment usually involves stretching exercises that are designed to release the tension in the muscle and reduce inflammation.

Spinal Stenosis

If you're diagnosed with spinal stenosis, a condition in which the space around the spinal cord narrows due to wear and tear, it is essential to consult your chiropractor. Chiropractic care can provide relief from back pain by restoring proper alignment of the spine and reducing tension in muscles. Some lifestyle modifications can also help reduce pain.

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