Conditions Treated

Conditions Chiropractic Can Help

At Lancaster Chiropractic Life Center in Lancaster, PA, we provide care for a variety of conditions. Whether you are experiencing back pain, neck pain, or sciatica, our team is happy to help. Before visiting us, learn more about the conditions that chiropractic can help below!

Conditions We Can Help With Chiropractic

Our clinic can help with various conditions that resulted from recent injuries, older injuries, chronic conditions, and genetics. We incorporate customized approaches to ensure each patient has a personalized care plan that will offer long-term results. Some conditions that we can help include the following:

  • • Arthritis 
  • • Chronic pain
  • • Neck pain 
  • • Back pain
  • • Knee pain
  • • Shoulder pain
  • • Sciatica
  • • Sports injuries
  • • Spinal conditions

What to Expect During Your First Appointment

When you visit us, our chiropractor will perform a thorough evaluation to learn more about your condition and determine the root cause of your pain. Not only that, but we’ll also discuss your symptoms with you in order to determine what is necessary.

Not only do we treat a wide range of conditions at our clinic, but we also take care of all age groups. From infancy to seniors, we are here to provide you with the care that can improve the quality of your life. We can help relieve pain, and help increase your mobility so you can return to your normal routine quickly. When you schedule an exam at our clinic, you'll also get a full set of X-rays (if necessary) and we’ll also review your medical history to ensure we are providing you with the correct care.

Contact Us Today!

Whether you have shoulder pain, knee pain, or headaches due to an injury or a condition, let our team at Lancaster Chiropractic Life Center in Lancaster, PA, help. With the right care, we can restore function and improve your overall health. Our goal is to help you get better and provide immediate and gradual improvement. To schedule your initial consultation, contact us at (717) 394-2444 today. When you need a chiropractor near me, our team is happy to assist you!



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