Learning Disorders

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Learning Disorders

The importance of good chiropractic care spans numerous life aspects that go beyond the human skeletal frame. One of the most recent uses of chiropractic care for Lancaster is helping those with learning disorders. According to a recent study in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research(JVSR), chiropractic care has numerous benefits in treating learning disorders, especially in children. At Lancaster Chiropractic Life Center, we have seen these benefits firsthand. 

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What Are Learning Disorders

Learning disorders are information-processing problems that affect one's ability to grasp certain concepts in everyday life. They are more apparent in school going children during the learning process. Such children usually have difficulty reading, writing, and social skills, making it hard to keep up in school. The most common type of learning disorders includes dyslexia and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. 

Learning disorders may be acquired in adulthood as a result of brain trauma or brain disease. In such cases, the brain areas responsible for learning are severely damaged. It is usually part of a congenital anomaly for most children, such as Down's syndrome and Fragile X syndrome. 

Many learning disorders were found to be a result of vertebral subluxation. These are nerve misalignments that interfere with signals in vital areas involved in learning. For learning to take place effectively, the brain must function as one coherent unit with the spinal cord. Trauma and congenital anomalies affect the nerve pathway important for this communication, thus causing an inability to process information. 

How Chiropractic Care Helps

Learning disabilities go beyond one's academic life. They also affect a person's ability to form meaningful relationships and affect their self-esteem.

Chiropractic care in the treatment of learning disorders aims at reducing the nerve misalignments behind most learning disorders. The chiropractor does not take on the role of a speech therapist or a psychologist. Instead, we go straight to the source of the problem by working on the nervous system itself. Chiropractors can re-align the spine, allowing better nerve function leading to better and more sustainable results.

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