About Us

The nature of our practice is unique. The simplicity and transparency of how we do things often takes people by surprise, and in our world of insurance deductibles, skyrocketing healthcare costs, and increasingly complex rules and regulations surrounding healthcare, our simple approach raises some common questions which we will answer here.

"Do you bill insurance?"
We're often asked why we do not bill any health insurance or any other type of insurance or 3rd party pay at our office. Simply put; virtually every insurance company in existence loves to dictate how we take care of you. If we allow the insurance company to dictate how we take care of you, it's a disservice to you and we won't be able to get you the resolution you've been looking for. Instead, we've created a system that allows you to receive the care you need without your insurance company's interference.

"Can I use my Health Savings Account/FLEX Spending Card?"
Yes. We accept all HSA and FLEX spending plans. HSA/FLEX cards differ from traditional insurance. Most HSA/FLEX plans require you to send them an itemized statement on our letterhead, which we are happy to provide on request.

"Is it unlimited care? Can I come as much as I want?"
Yes, the Membership plan is for unlimited care. 

"Once I start coming in, do I have to come forever?"
Most of our clients come regularly because they understand the benefits of having a clear Nerve System, but we don't FORCE them to do so. We'll show you the finest Chiropractic care available, you get to choose how much of it you want in your life.

"Do I need an appointment?"
You will need an appointment for your first two visits, as those visits require more time and testing of your nervous system. After your first two visits, we will proceed forward with care on a purely walk-in basis. Our regular clients know their recommendations and visit our office based on both our recommendations and their convenience. Our walk-in policy also means that you can ALWAYS get in to see us on the same day you call!

"Your fees seem too good to be true. What's the catch?"
There is no catch. It is our mission to serve our clients by providing them the very best chiropractic care we can possibly offer at a price point affordable to virtually everyone.




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