About Us

We are a membership practice.  A membership practice means you pay a low monthly fee for unlimited care/access to our office during open hours.  Our office is AFFORDABLE (plans starting at $90/month), CONVENIENT (appointments not necessary) and focused on providing the highest QUALITY of chiropractic care.


After your initial consultation and evalutation, Dr. Tai will perform a spinal analysis on every visit, to detect and correct your subluxation(s), if present she will specificially provide a chiropractic adjustment.  The most important thing a chiropractor must know is WHEN to adjust, WHERE to adjust and WHEN NOT to adjust.


To help root, empower and enhance families in the Lancaster community in understanding where true health comes from and how to improve and maintain that by trusting the design of their body to express their Innate potential to the fullest.


We believe Chiropractic is for LIFE, so we designed a fee system to reflect that.

Membership fees (Starting at):
Individual $90/month
Family $150/month Unlimited care.

We DO NOT take insurance nor work with any 3rd party distributors.  

Here is why: 

• If you don’t have to file insurance claims for your chiropractic care, it helps keep your premiums lower

• If you don’t file claims, there’s no entry in the insurance database that could affect your insurance rates or job status in the future

• Avoid hassles

•Lower my overhead so I can keep my fees low

• Reduce paperwork and procedures built around justifying demands of insurance “bean counters”

• Insurance is designed for catastrophic occurrences that might require hospitalization

• Chiropractic is designed for health and to keep you OUT of the hospital

• Insurance is betting against yourself. Chiropractic is betting ON yourself.  

Why $90 a month?

• It’s a simple fee that anyone can understand

• It’s low enough that virtually anyone can afford

• The greatest benefits of chiropractic care come from time and repetition

• Flat fee lets YOU know immediately and always what your chiropractic budget is

• No surprises

• Prevents conflicts of interest inherent with per visit fees

• My recommendations are based on YOUR needs not MY fees

• It lowers the financial risk of trying chiropractic care

• The Family Membership cost of $150 lets the WHOLE family enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care

• It’s more like a long-term investment than a short term expense All we do is perform specific spinal adjustments if necessary (from spinal checks).


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