Back Pain Treatment

Back pain can be debilitating and prevent you from completing tasks throughout the day. Not only that, but the pain can also become chronic when left untreated. At Lancaster Chiropractic Life Center in Lancaster, PA, we provide care to reduce your aches and help you heal fully. Before visiting us, learn how chiropractic care can be effective for back pain below:


We Offer Quality Chiropractic Adjustments

At our practice, we utilize chiropractic adjustments, when treating back pain. The adjustments can help gently realign your back, allowing you to move more easily and without discomfort. In addition to alleviating pain, the adjustments also reduce tension, lower stress, and improve your sleep quality.

Chiropractic Care for Improved Range of Motion

You need and deserve quality chiropractic support from a trusted professional. Working with our chiropractors will improve your back health and range of motion. Often, when you don't use your back as much due to pain, it can also affect your range of motion. That can result in decreased mobility and prevent you from participating in the things that interest you. With the right care, we can help you move more freely so you can return to your normal routine quickly.

Relief from Sciatica and Other Pain Concerns

Certain conditions like sciatica and herniated discs make it hard to work and do things with your friends and family. When you visit us, we will determine what is causing your back pain and develop a personalized care plan for your specific needs. Our chiropractors will also closely monitor your progress and make any changes to your care plan as necessary.

Contact us for an Appointment Today

If you’re experiencing back pain that is not going away, our team at Lancaster Chiropractic Life Center in Lancaster, PA, can help. To learn more about our techniques or to schedule your first appointment, call our office at (717) 394-2444 today. You can also browse our website to find out about our services or visit us in person. When you need a chiropractor near me, we look forward to assisting you!



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