Ear Infection & Chiropractic


An ear infection is an inflammation of the middle ear, usually caused by bacteria, that occurs when fluid builds up behind the eardrum. Five out of six children will have at least one ear infection by their third birthday. In fact, ear infections are the most common reason parents bring their child to a doctor.

Eustachian tubes are smaller and more level in children than they are in adults. This makes it difficult for fluid to drain out of the ear, even under normal conditions. If the eustachian tubes are swollen or blocked with mucus due to a cold or other respiratory illness, fluid may not be able to drain.

Numerous case studies and some clinical studies are revealing that there is a relationship between abnormalities in the spine, the nervous system and the various problems related to ear infections.

By removing the structural imbalance chiropractic helps these fluids drain and improves nerve supply and range of motion. In fact, chiropractic is the treatment choice for dealing with structural and neurological aspects of ear infections.


The 2-year-old male in this study had been experiencing developmental delays and altered crawling patterns. He was previously diagnosed with otitis media. He also had limited vocabulary and avoided interaction with others. He had been on medications and antibiotics which did not help.

The chiropractor examined him and found ear infection, tight muscles, abnormal reflexes, and structural shifts in his upper neck, lower back, and sacrum. Decreased range of motion confirmed the findings. These structural shifts can lead to obstruction of the nerves, and it is this obstruction, called vertebral subluxations, that chiropractors correct.

Following chiropractic adjustments, he experienced improvement in his symptoms. He became more vocal, became more comfortable with social interaction, and his sleep pattern improved.

Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ Volume, 2023.