Migraines & Chiropractic


The patient reported on in the study was a 15-year-old male suffering from migraines since the age of six and he was having a migraine once every three weeks. As a result of a motor vehicle collision at the age of three, he began experiencing visual disturbances and eye pain. His medical team only advised that the triggers be identified and avoided. Over the counter medications were administered but did not resolve his problems. Any time he saw a halo or had distorted vision, he knew a migraine was coming.

The chiropractor examined him and found structural shifts in his upper neck. He had postural changes, neck pain, upper back pain, and tight muscles in his neck limiting range of motion. X-rays and other testing confirmed these findings. These structural shifts can lead to obstruction of the nerves and it is this obstruction, called vertebral subluxations, that chiropractors correct.

Following the first adjustment he experienced an immediate change in his mood, demeanor, and felt a decrease in pressure. He noted a decrease in frequency and duration of pain. After four adjustments he was no longer experiencing any migraines.

The study’s author called for additional research to investigate the clinical implications of chiropractic in children with migraines.

Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ Volume, 2021.

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