At Lancaster Chiropractic Life Center, we get a lot of questions about chiropractic adjustments and how they can help people live a healthier and happier life. Our chiropractor in Lancaster, PA, is happy to answer any questions you may have about this natural healing method. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about chiropractic adjustments:

What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment is a specific procedure that a chiropractor uses to free your body from a serious form of stress that causes decreased health, called a subluxation.

Many Conditions Benefit from Chiropractic Adjustments

If your body is out of alignment, it will try to realign itself and get back to a state of rest. It is more natural for the body to be released of tension than to be under stress. Your muscles are constantly working to put body parts back in the proper position. Chiropractors don’t actually put the body part back in place, they supply the bit of force needed to free it up, so your body will realign it.

A good example is your car being stuck in the mud and its wheels just keep spinning. If a friend comes and helps you push the car out of the mud, the wheels will finally catch traction, and the car will get out. You and your friend didn’t actually push the heavy car out of the mud, but you just supplied the right amount of force, in the right direction to get the car unstuck.

What are the Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments?

The adjustment unlocks the jammed tissues and nearby body parts from their stuck or fixated positions. They are then free to move where the body wants them to go. The body is smart enough to know exactly where they should go. The chiropractor determines where to put the specific adjustment and the correct direction it should go by using different methods of analysis.

There are hundreds of different types of techniques that chiropractors used to perform the perfect adjustment.

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