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June 2018 Newsletter & Calendar


There is no scheduled time off this month; we will be rocking out adjustments every Monday through Friday in June. Though, we do want to give everyone a heads up, that we will be closed 4th of July week for vacation. 

Friends & Family Day: Friday, June 15th - “10 For a Friend”
We invite your friends and family to come out and see us on Friday, June 15th for a kite-themed day! All New Patients will receive their 1st visit for only $10 on this day only. Please have your loved ones schedule their visit in advance, as spaces are limited. We look forward to seeing everyone! 

The Connections of Health
“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Oliver Wendell

Holmes To be healthy you must be connected... The goal of chiropractic is to help you reconnect... 

You are born to express radiant physical, mental, and spiritual health; to radiate vitality, harmony, peace, joy, optimism, strength, love, and healing at any age. It is your natural state. 

But it rarely seems that way. Disharmony, illness, disease, depression, fatigue, emotional and spiritual disconnection, and isolation touch so many lives. Too many of us walk this earth with our bodies, hearts, and souls in pain. 

Yet no baby is born bored or depressed. Infants are full of wonder and awe. They breathe deeply, relax completely, radiate energy, and sparkle with the light of life in their eyes. They are closer to their natural state, more connected to it, with a clearer conduit to the wisdom, intelligence, and energies that percolate up from their source. 

Chiropractic and many other natural health disciplines recognize that to be truly healthy and alive you must be a clear conduit to your inner wisdom (also referred to as your "source," the "wisdom of the body", your "inner doctor", your innate (inborn) intelligence, and other terms). 

The goal of chiropractic is to help you better connect to your source so your inner doctor may work its miracles. A complete disconnection from your source results in death; a partial disconnection results in dis-ease or disharmony. Many people are in this state; with less than 100% connection they are less than fully alive. 

Our very word health derives from the old English word hale meaning whole. You are healthy when you are whole, unified, integrated and complete – not fragmented, disintegrated, disconnected, or incomplete. Let's explore health from this perspective. 

The Connections of Physical Health 
“When a living system is suffering from ill health, the remedy is to connect it with more of itself.” – Francisco Varella

When you are physically healthy all of your body parts are in their proper places, communicating with one another and not interfering with the function of other body parts or the flow of your energies. Your body is in a state or exquisite coordination and balance. In this state you have abundant vitality, sensitivity, strength, and joy. You have a flexible, balanced body; breathe deeply and sleep deeply – refreshed and invigorated. You have a high resistance to disease and the energy to adapt to life’s stresses and challenges. 

A physically disconnected person’s parts are not fitting exactly right. The result is lack of balance, interruption of the energies that flow through you under the directives of your innate intelligence and weakened connection to your source. This results in dis-ease, a lack of wholeness, coordination, and harmony. When you are dis-eased, stress can overwhelm you and disease, illness, exhaustion, accelerated aging, and shortened life results. 

Interestingly, a person with dis-ease who feels fatigue may have tremendous energy, but it's often trapped in their muscles, joints and other body tissues and is not flowing freely. That's why people often have sensitive spots in their muscles or tendons called, "trigger points," and may jump when these points are even lightly touched. 

Reference: Part 1 of an article by Ted Koren

Did You Know? Newborn Baby Edition… 

- Babies are born with a developed sense of taste, but not for salt. Studies show that babies can’t taste salt until they’re about four months old. They can taste other flavors as well as adults can, especially sweet, bitter, and sour flavors. Some studies indicate that babies actually have more taste buds than adults do. 

- Newborns cry, but they can’t shed tears. They don’t have functional “tear” ducts until they’re between three and twelve weeks old. 

- If you X-ray a baby’s legs, you probably won’t see anything where the kneecaps should be, or it will just be a small, smudgy spot. This is due to the fact that bones start off as cartilage and they harden, or ossify, over time. Kneecaps take an especially long time to form (three to five years) and because cartilage doesn’t show up on X-rays, babies appear to have no kneecaps. 

- Babies can taste flavors while they’re still in the womb (except for salt), starting from about four to five months into pregnancy. Amniotic fluid is believed to be affected by the food the expectant mother eats, which is believed to affect a baby’s flavor preferences after birth.


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