The Phases of Your Chiropractic Journey

                  You will generally experience five phases of chiropractic care.

  1. Pain Relief - Getting out of pain quickly often requires regular visits and following the advice of your chiropractor. You may need to be seen more frequently in the beginning.
  2. Corrective Care - Regular visits are still required to retrain your body and it's systems. At this point you are working to turn your body's dysfunctional patterns into healthy patterns.
  3. Supportive Care - You've made a lot of progress by this point. To maintain the progress you've made it is important to continue with your care. This will also help to keep the problems you've resolved from returning.
  4. Maintenance Care - Now is a good time to make changes to the problem areas in your lifestyle. Combining this with chiropractic visits can keep old problems from resurfacing and stop new problems before they start.
  5. Wellness Care - Making choices for optimal health, including chiropractic visits, will help to keep your body and mind at peak performance levels.