Chiropractic for Kids of All Ages

Chiropractic is important for infants after the birthing process and while experiencing rapid development. Poor sleep, colic, reflux, and ear infections are just a few of the common issues in infants that can be helped by chiropractic care.

A lot of new experiences come with being a toddler. They are also learning new skills such as running and jumping. Toddlers can benefit greatly from chiropractic care. It has been shown that toddlers receiving regular chiropractic care often require fewer medications and get sick less often. They can also find relief from such issues as asthma, irritability, and colds.

Pre-schoolers are often dealing with stressors such as environmental chemicals and extended screen time. Common issues for this age are moodiness, bed wetting, colds & flus. All of which may be helped by chiropractic care.

School aged children have many new stressors to deal with. They are sitting in school for extended periods of time and joining in new activities. This age also comes with new pressures from school and peers. All of which can affect the nervous system. ADD/ADHD, growing pains, coordination, and headaches are all common issues for this age group that may be helped by chiropractic care.

There is a lot of stress placed on the nervous system of a teenager. The extensive use of devices in teenagers can cause postural changes. Combine this with emotional stress and schoolwork that affects the nervous system and you have a great candidate for chiropractic care. Some of the benefits include help with weight gain, painful menstruation, and poor concentration.