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Calendar/Newsletter for September


Happy Birthday Chiropractic!

This month we celebrate the birth of the Chiropractic profession! On September 18, 1895, Dr. Daniel David (DD) Palmer delivered the first adjustment to Harvey Lillard, a janitor in Dr. Palmer’s building in Davenport, Iowa. Approximately 17 years earlier, Mr. Lillard lost his hearing as a result of a workplace accident. Dr. Palmer, a magnetic healer at the time, was a brilliant and inquisitive man. He asked Mr. Lillard if he could examine him to determine precisely why he could no longer hear. Mr. Lillard consented and allowed Dr. Palmer to examine and care for him. After extensive examination, Dr. Palmer found that Mr. Lillard was not in any pain due to his accident. He posited that the root cause of Mr. Lillard’s hearing loss was a nerve that was not functioning well because a spinal vertebra was out of alignment, pressing on it. Dr. Palmer adjusted that bone—and after only two adjustments, the result was miraculous! Mr. Lillard’s hearing returned!! This marked the beginning of the Chiropractic Profession.

Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine,” stated, “Get knowledge of the spine, for this is the requisite for many diseases.” Mr. Lillard provided the first chiropractic testimony that caring for the spine and the nervous system is not about pain. It is about maintaining optimal health and preventing the onset of unnecessary dis-ease. Had DD Palmer not given Mr. Lillard a specific chiropractic adjustment, he would have spent his life unable to hear the world around him. Instead, Mr. Lillard became the first “maintenance” chiropractic patient, remaining in care until his death in 1925. 


The office will be CLOSED Monday, September 6th for Labor Day.

FALL/WINTER HOURS: Beginning Tuesday, September 7th (after Labor Day), we will have some changes to our hours for the fall and winter. Our new open adjusting schedule will be: Mondays 9-12 & 2:30-6:30 / Tuesdays 12-2:30 / Wednesdays 9-12 & 2:30-6:30 / Thursdays 9-12 & 2:30-6:30 / Saturdays 10-11

FRIENDS & FAMILY WEEK: SEPTEMBER 13TH-16TH! In honor of Chiropractic’s 126th Birthday, we are inviting all of your friends and family to give Chiropractic a try. New Patients receive their 1st Visit FREE, this entire week. Schedule ahead of time, as spaces fill up quickly and are limited.

CHIROPRACTIC’S 126TH BIRTHDAY: We will have treats for this special occasion on Saturday, September 18th!  



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