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February 2019 Calendar/Newsletter

Welcome Winter! As I sit here and write this newsletter, it is a beautiful, sunny and blue-skied winter day with a light snow on the ground. It really makes you appreciate that there is beauty in all seasons, no matter hot or cold. We don’t have any anticipated days off until the spring, so our schedule will be normal for a little while. Going with the theme, February will be our heart health month. Check out our office and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/LancChiroLifeCenter/) for information on Chiropractic and the Cardiovascular System.

The More Chiropractors, The Less Hypertension
A unique study was published in the July 30, 2018, issue of the Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research that showed that populations with a higher concentration of chiropractors in the community had fewer cases of hypertension. The study looked at populations within the U.S. and compared the concentrations of chiropractors and medical practitioners in certain communities.
The author of this study started with a stated basic premise, “As concentrations of health care practitioners increases, access to their services is expected to also increase, with an expected decrease in adverse health outcomes (such as hypertension mortality rates).” This study was designed to see if there was a correlating increase in health, as it relates to blood pressure, with an increase in the number of chiropractors.
The author notes that blood pressure was selected as a means of measurement because there had been prior studies showing that chiropractic adjustments caused a decrease in blood pressure. Prior research had shown that there was a statistically significant reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressures in 18 patients with hypertension following chiropractic adjustments of the upper cervical spine. Several additional case studies seemed to confirm these findings as well.
The study points out that about two-thirds of chiropractors in the U.S. address correcting subluxations. Since subluxations create neurological changes, which have been shown to affect blood pressure, it is reasonable to assume that more chiropractors in a given area would be correcting more subluxations in the community, resulting in a decrease in the diagnosis of hypertension in that population.
In this study, mortality rates for hypertension per 100,000 were obtained for each U.S. state and the District of Columbia, except for Alaska and Wyoming, which did not have that data. The number of chiropractors for those states was then obtained from the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards. In addition, the number of active medical doctors was obtained from the Statistical Abstract of the United States.
After crunching all the numbers, it was shown that there was no statistical decrease in the number of hypertensive deaths with an increase in medical doctors in that state. However, the report notes that there was a statistically significant benefit and decrease in the number of hypertensive deaths associated with an increase in the ratio of chiropractors in that state’s population.
The study extrapolated these numbers to predict the benefits of having additional chiropractors in a given population, “Thus, for every average increase of one DC per 10,000 population nationally (within the range of these data, which was 1.0 to 5.2 DCs per 10,000 population), a corresponding average national decrease of approximately one death per 100,000 population is expected.”

Taken from: Now You Know, Inc.

What is the connection between chiropractic and Valentine’s Day?
Simply put, chiropractic adjustments remove interferences to your body, allowing you to connect.
Chiropractic encourages internal connection (your brain and body are communicating optimally) and that in turn encourages external connection, so you can interact better with those around you.
When you feel good about yourself, the easier it is to feel good about those around you. The more connected you are with yourself, the more you are able to connect with others, sharing love, openness and honesty. Being emotionally grounded and relaxed, the more you share of your natural state of being, spreading joy, happiness and optimism.
Isn’t that what every relationship needs?
The happier you are, the longer and healthier you will live. Sensitivity, compassion, and inspiration will increase. You gain more harmony and peace, reflecting your connection to your life purpose.
The more connections you have, the longer and healthier you will live.

Say, “I Love You,” this Valentine’s Day by referring your friends and family…  Flowers and candy are traditional, but when you give the gift of health, you are telling your loved one that you care far beyond material possessions. There is no better gift then to assist your loved one to achieve their optimal potential and well-being. Gift Certificates are available at the front desk, and we always have a Web Special (www.lancasterpa-chiropractor.com), to help your friends and family get started. If you are unsure if Chiropractic is right for your loved one, please feel free to ask! <3

Did You Know?
- There are approximately 50 million roses given on Valentine’s Day across the world.
- Valentine’s Day is the second most popular day of the year for sending cards, second only to Christmas.
- At least 9 million people buy their pets a gift on Valentine’s Day.


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